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MOC 2014!

Missoula Outdoor Cinema is proudly brought to you by the North-Missoula Community Development Corporation (NMCDC). More than a hundred years before the organization’s birth, in the era of railroad expansion, the Northside neighborhood grew up around Missoula’s first depot. It prospered and became the working class backbone of a growing city. North Missoula provided jobs and homes for railroad, lumber mill, brewery, creamery and hospital workers. The people who built, schooled and nursed the rest of the city lived here.

The site of the summer cinema is in the playing field next to the old Whittier School where the first Northside grammar school stood in 1890. Before the age of the automobile, people walked to this school for events and celebrations. These first neighbors were also able to walk to jobs and to close-by downtown shopping and entertainment. You can join the NMCDC in its efforts to revitalize this historic neighborhood and perpetuate it as an attractive and vibrant place for new generations of Missoulians – a healthy neighborhood with opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to live, work and play.

Like Missoula’s Farmer’s Market, the Northside “walk in” cinema has become one of the City’s best-known and most-appreciated summer attractions. This brochure offers sponsors a variety of ways to participate. Please help make Missoula Outdoor Cinema’s sixth consecutive season the best one so far.


Dates & Times
Films show on Saturdays and begin as soon as its dark enough to
show the picture, roughly at sunset.


Want to suggest films for next season? Click this link to fill out a movie request form.


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